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Heat Pumps



Heat pumps are renewable energy products which can provide you with a total heating and hot water solution for your home or business.

Heat pumps collect small amounts of energy from the ground or air and use this energy to heat your building.


As the renewable energy extracted is free, the only cost incurred when collecting energy for heat pumps is the electricity required to run them.

This Results in significant savings in your home heating bills.

What is a Heat Pump?

Air to Water Heat Pumps.

Energy is sourced straight from the surrounding air. 


This means that there is no need to dig or drill (reducing your investment costs).

For a complete system that covers all your heating requirements, including hot water, you need an air to water heat pump.



Benefits of Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • Reduced running costs

  • Increased Efficiency - See COP Below

  • Total heating and hot water solution

  • Require minimal maintenance

  • No fuel delivery or storage issues

  • Safer for you and your family

  • Better for the environment

  • Short Payback Period

Ground source heat pumps are renewable energy products which use stored solar energy or ‘ground source heat’ to provide heating and hot water as an alternative to expensive fossil fuels.

Ground source heat is solar energy that is retrieved from the ground.

Heat may be sourced from soil, rock, sea or ground water.

The most suitable is determined by the house's energy requirement, the existing heating system and the plot. The system provides a convenient supply of heat and hot water, and can also provide cooling during hot days.


A heat pump from IVT creates a comfortable indoor climate in your home. While it’s supplying your home with heating, hot water and cooling, you can reduce your energy consumption by up to 75 per cent. When it’s time to select a new source of energy for your home, a heat pump means you’re also contributing your share to help the environment.

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