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Solid Fuel Stoves - Boilers and Stoves


Why Use a Solid Fuel Stove;



very cost effective if you have access to your own wood supply



low carbon option makes it more environmentally friendly

Multi Fuel Stove

  • flexibility: not limited to one fuel type, allowing you variety. This means that you can alternate the fuels you use and pay less depending on their peak season

  • convenient: it’s easier to maintain heat and burn longer if you add coal to wood

What does a boiler stove do?

A boiler stove transfers heat from the burning wood or other fuel into water, which can then be piped to wherever it is needed and used for heating or domestic hot water


  1. solid fuel is relatively stable price wise and not affected by the fluctuations in gas or oil costs

  2. provides an alternative to a gas or oil fired central heating system

  3. allows flexibility by having a dual heating system where you can alternate between using your gas/oil central heating system and your stove

  4. a boiler stove is a cosy focal point in any room


  1. it’s not always possible to connect a stove to a back boiler due to the location of pipes

  2. a boiler stove needs to be fitted by a professional plumber and can be costly to install

  3. unlike a gas/oil boiler, a stove boiler takes time to come to the correct temperature

  4. stove boilers may be heating rooms in the house which are not being used

  5. to keep a stove burning, you must put fuel into it manually

Stratford Eco Boiler HE Stove

Providing more than just superior performance, the Ecoboiler HE (high efficiency) has a large fire door glass and soft curved lines, offering an attractive focal point for any living area.


Regardless of whether you burn wood or solid fuel, these boiler stoves have the technology to keep your home warm and cosy.

On top of its stylish appearance, discreet thermostatic control and three bar operating pressure, its ability to produce 50% more heat to water than other boiler stoves ensures the Ecoboiler is the ultimate heating companion.

Jetmaster Inset Stove

This stove has with a large view, a larger and even more attractive fame.

The 16i, 18i, 50i and 60i are approved by Defra. The UK government department responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. for burning wood in smoke control areas. Our inset fires are one of the most environmentally friendly methods of heating.

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